Netflix has revealed the official trailer for creator LeSean Thomas‘ 10-episode anime series Cannon Busters. The show is set to follow characters Philly the Kid, his transforming pink Cadillac, and S.A.M. as they navigate through a post-apocalyptic, technologically advanced world.

The series has been described by Thomas as “The Wizard of Oz meets Hidden Fortress with a dash of Escaflowne + Hip Hop and classic RPGS — all rolled into one ride of fun, suspense, action & wackiness,” according to Comicbook. The series was originally created as a comic in 2003 by the creator, who then went on to become a storyboard artist and character designer for The Boondocks and the animated Black Dynamite series on Adult Swim.

Check out the trailer above and watch Cannon Busters on Netflix right now.

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