Laura Ikeji Mercedes Benz

Laura Ikeji Flaunts Her Mercedes Benz, Says She Wants Google To Be Filled With Positive News About Her Achievements

Fashion entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji has shared the picture of a brand new Mercedes Benz she acquired for herself with a caption that speaks of the kind of news she wants to read about herself on Google.

According to Laura Ikeji, positive news that have to do with her achievement are what she wants Google to be filled with, not news of her beef with other people.

She shared:

“All I wanna see when I google my name is SHE OWNS THIS BUSINESS not she has beef with this person or did this. I’ve always been in yo face on IG, that’s how I earn a living, being relevant on here is hard but we pushing. I’ve relaxed a bit just to see if that works too but dang! Nothing beats being in ya face. If u wanna make money on IG u can’t keep calm. Nah”

Laura Ikeji Mercedes Benz



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