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Hot Watermelon Cooler

This Hot Watermelon Cooler is such a delicious and refreshing summer smoothie. You should give it a try!


Hot Watermelon Cooler


Watermelon contains so much vitamins and minerals,  it is not surprising that it is a really popular fruit for many smoothie recipes. The Hot Watermelon Cooler smoothie is only one of the hundreds of recipes that you will find in The Smoothies Bible, Second Edition by Pat Crocker. Drinking smoothies (and staying active!) is one of the fastest ways, that I know of, to achieve good health. Smoothies retain all the fiber from the whole foods and provide you with tons of nutrients and vitamins. Combined with fruits, vegetables, and herbs, they can make very inexpensive and tasty meals . The undeniable benefits of smoothies and juicing have conquered most of us that are looking for a better lifestyle.

In addition to its original 250 smoothie recipes, this new edition of The Smoothies Bible introduces 100 new recipes with even more antioxidant fruits and vegetables. Some classic cocktails with and without alcohol are also featured! On top of the popular Ingredient Profiles and the Healing Smoothies sections, you will find The Healthy Body Systems that includes information on the body systems and how to maximize their functions.

Some of my favourite smoothie recipes included in this book are Pumpkin pick-me-up, Choco-peanut parfait, Banana au lait, Mango madness, Green tea and blueberries, and Pineapple crush. You should grab a copy of The Smoothies Bible, Second Edition, if you would like to enjoy all the health benefits of these fabulous drinks.



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