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Chucky Gets The Spotlight In New ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot Trailer

The second trailer for the Child’s Play reboot is here, and unlike the first trailer, we finally get a glimpse of the Mark Hamill–voiced Chucky. The Lars Klevberg–directed slasher, which stars Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, and Aubrey Plaza, is set to hit theatres June 21.

Detailing the plot of the reboot, the new trailer shows how Chucky differs from how he did in 1988 original, which was directed by Tom Holland (not that one). Instead of a murderous possessed doll, the new Chucky is a killer robot toy. From the looks of the trailer, technology will come into play during his inevitable murderous rampage.

When the first trailer for the film arrived, there was no indication as to who it was that would portray Chucky. However, in late March it was confirmed that Mark Hamill would be taking on the role. In a video announcing the casting, Hamill said, “I can’t wait to bring such an iconic character to life and present him in a way you’ve never seen him before.”

Child’s Play is the first film in the franchise without Brad Dourif, who has portrayed Chucky in all seven prior movies up to 2017’s Cult of Chucky. It’s also the first to not be written by series veteran Don Mancini, who has publicly criticized the reboot. He previously implied that he had been asked to be involved, but he and series producer David Kirschner declined. “They just wanted our approval,” Mancini said on the Post Mortem podcast.

Watch the trailer above.

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